Tips When You Are Moving Out From Rental Unit – Are you planning to move from your current place to condominium in Queenstown ? We all know and agree that moving house can be emotionally and physically draining and it tires you out. What is worse is when you encounter some landlords that try to trick their tenants from their security deposits that the tenants paid when they first moved in . Herewith the Tips When You Are Moving Out From Rental Unit !

This article will guide you through of the things that you need to take note of to prevent getting charged unnecessarily for damages that you did not do or cleaning services .

Tips When You Are Moving Out From Rental Unit
Tips When You Are Moving Out From Rental Unit
  1. Keep the premise clean

The basic rule of thumb: Keep the premise clean . This is the most important thing to do to avoid getting charged for cleaning services . Sweep the floor , mop the floor , and keep the pathway clear and dispose all the garbage . Not to forget the windows , kitchens and bathroom . Make sure they are clean and free from dust , most important , in good condition . Scrub the kitchen and tabletop to make them shiny and clean . Do start early as well so you do not tire yourself out at the very last minute . No doubt it is hard work there but this will help you to get your security deposit back and prevent getting charged for cleaning services .

  1. Fix damages

Check for any damages in the premises. Most tear and wear in the premise is borne by the landlord, however, if there is anything that is under your responsibility as stated in the contract earlier on, you will then need to make sure that they are all in good condition. For example, if the contract stated that the servicing of the air conditioner is under your responsibility, you will then need to re service it before you move out. Make sure you keep a copy of the receipts for the servicing. If there is any appliances that you need to service, do snap a photo of the before and after condition as evidence.

  1. Patch up the holes

Did you drill a hole on the wall to hang any of your artwork ? If you did, be sure to remove the nails and patch up the holes from the drilling . It can be really easy and you can even do it yourself without any professional help . First of all , you need to buy some sparkling paste to fill in the hole , then use a putty knife and spread the paste all over the hole . After the paste is dry , use a sandpaper to sand the same spot so the wall remains smooth . Isn’t it easy ?

  1. Repaint the premise

This will depend on the contract that you have signed before you moved in . If the contract stated that you are responsible to repaint the walls before you move out , you will then need to oblige and repaint the wall . If you are not required to repaint the walls , be sure to fix any holes from drilling or any dirt caused by you . Get your friends involved for a “painting party” if you need a budget friendly option .

  1. Leave the premise empty

Next, leave the entire premise empty . Clear everything that belongs to you and only leave items that belong to the owner . The landlord might charge you extra for leaving things behind as disposal fees . Hence , start packing earlier to make sure you do not leave anything behind to save the extra disposal fees . Walk through the entire house to make sure each room is left empty .

  1. Keep a record for yourself

Before you hand over the premise, do make sure you keep a copy of any receipts after you fix and repair any appliances or furniture at the premises . Snap a photo or video of things that you have done as a proof that you have fulfill your responsibility as a tenant so your landlord has no reasons to accuse you of damaging items that were not caused by you .

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  1. Inspection with the landlord

Lastly , book a schedule with your landlord to have the last inspection before you handover the premise back to the landlord . If the landlord requests you to replace any items that are old and have malfunctioned due to tear and wear such as cabinets , you are most probably not in charge of replacing the cost of it as a tenant .

You are also allowed to ask your landlord to sign an agreement to make sure that everything was handed over in good condition . Know your rights as a tenant . Be brave to ask for the reasons if the landlord deducts money from the security deposit or refuses to return the security deposit . If the landlord happens to deduct money of your security deposit , do ask the landlord to list down a list of expenditure .

In a nutshell , moving can be a stressful thing and it is easy to forget some essential tasks . Therefore , be sure to make a list of things that you need to do months before you plan to move out and enjoy your new condominium in Queenstown .